Calculating Pharmaceutical Unit Cost:

RXTransparent is pioneering the practice of calculating the cost of Pharmaceutical drugs at a unit dose level through it’s innovative use of algorithms and it’s Corpharma database platform.  The following is a breakdown RXTransparent’s unit cost algorithm in practice:

  • Each $400 box contains 4 vials/ 25 mcg/ mL.
  • Each vial of 25 mcg/ mL breaks down to $100 per vial.
  • Each mcg/ mL breaks down to $4 per dose. 
  • If the actual dosing order is less than the vial’s capacity,  it produces a waste that can be calculated by unit dose.
  • Many times the unit dose reimbursement costs are lower than the actual purchase unit cost which contributes to the overall loss of  the corresponding administered drug.