Virtual Perpetual Inventory (VPI)

Visibility of pharmaceutical data

Knowing exactly how much drug product was purchased, what is on hand, and how much was dispensed allows the Pharmacy to put a finger on the pulse of drug supply.

Until now, gaining an understanding of pharmaceutical drug inventory levels without expensive automation hardware was nearly impossible.   RXTransparent VPI gives healthcare organizations a full and complete understanding of inventory on hand, reduces the likelihood of compromising patient care, improves efficiency, shows the buyer past purchases and allows actionable insight into quantity and dosage units to buy, ultimately minimizing waste.
Minimizing Pharma waste is a goal of every healthcare organization.   Waste can occur in many forms: from expired drugs, to lost or misplaced products, to stealing or pilfering, to breakage or accident, to mis-dosing or incorrect usage, each will have a direct impact on the profitability and financial health of an organization.

Providing the necessary visibility can be a cost savings to the pharmacy.

VPI allows a pharmacy to bring all of the pieces together, aggregating all of the data to illustrate what is available at any given time in the pharmacy.



Dynamic, interactive, customizable dashboard

VPI features:

  • Clickable pie charts
  • Purchase history in one screen view
  • Unit dosage level feature in VPI includes brand and/or generic product name, purchase data, and cost reference information.
  • Cost per dosage across various units of measurement:  g, mg, mm, ml, etc.
  • Amount of active ingredient and the dosage  

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