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We continue to offer our monthly DSCSA webinars with requested healthcare industry topics pertaining to the FDA act.

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New for 2017 our Thought Leadership Series “Moving the Pharmacy from the basement to the boardroom.”  This series of webinars, videos and podcasts will focus on the supply chain business of running a pharmacy.  We will help give you the knowledge, tools and foresight to reduce expense budget items, increase pharmacy revenue and reduce risk of paying higher prices for drug shortages.

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August 30, 2017

Navigating Recall / Shortages

Pharmaceutical drugs are causing the largest increase as a percentage of overall healthcare expenses.   Healthcare organizations are getting squeezed on both sides of the spectrum by the pressure to reduce the cost of healthcare delivery in the transition from volume to value while at the same time balancing the lack of control on pricing in the pharmaceutical drug supply.  Healthcare organizations and Group Purchasing Organizations have exhausted strategies such as GPO pricing, formulary management and automation.  To become even more efficient requires improving the ROI in the Pharmacy which can only be affected by two factors:  Paying less for drug products and managing pharmacy inventory and processes to be more efficient and wasting less.

This webinar is the next installment in our webinar series “Moving Pharmacy from The Basement To The Boardroom” where we will review how to avoid price increases in critically shorted drug products and also discuss how to streamline pharmacy operations as it relates to drug recalls.  These functions are only made possible through superior data transparency into pharmacy operations which will lead to provable Return on Investment (ROI) in the pharmacy.   During this webinar we will review how a simple shorted drug  (Sodium Bicarbonate) can cost health systems tens of thousands of dollars of extra expense and how the chaos associated with recalled drugs creates incredible inefficiency in search of a product that you may not have even purchased.

September 27, 2017

In-depth Guide to DSCSA

Join us for this 45-minute webinar as we do an in-depth overview of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA.)  Learn the roles and responsibilities of manufacturers, distributors, dispensaries and pharmacies.  What products are included and excluded, what are the pros and cons and what is yet to be implemented.

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Deep Insights into

Pharmacy Analytics


The biggest driver of healthcare cost increases can be attributed to drug supply purchases.  Often times, these purchasing processes are analogous to the buying process of commodities (such as linens, gloves, containers, etc).  The missing component to making the drug supply purchasing within a pharmacy efficient is pharmacy analytics.

Insight into purchasing patterns can be garnered along side data that is already being captured for DSCSA Compliance through invoice data.  Coupling this data along with the CorePharma repository of drugs can provide an incredible source of information that will help you save money and time within the pharmacy.

This webinar is the showcase of how Drug Supply data through RXTransparent can be leverage to highlight inefficiencies and lower total healthcare pharmacy spend.

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Borrow, Trade, Return or Sell –

keeping track of pedigrees


Borrow, Trade, Return and Sell are all issues that can impact the chain of custody for drugs.  DSCSA compliance mandates that this is critical to maintaining pedigree data for dispensaries.  Our technologically advanced track and trace platform RXTransparent, utilizes pharmaceutical expertise in making this easy to manage for facilities.  This technology is vital for transparency in pedigrees.

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RXTransparent Generation 2

DSCSA Compliance Platform


RXTransparent is proud to announce the completion and launch of RXT Gen 2, our DSCSA compliance platform with enhancements and upgrades.  RXTransparent continues to not only be the “Thought Leaders” in Healthcare Supply Chain, but now we are also the “Technology Leaders,” first in the class to utilize the latest technologies available!

Some of the enhancements/upgrades included in Gen 2 are:

  • Enhanced user interface
  • Mobile first
  • Improved performance (searching, filtering, sorting)
  • Speed of system responsiveness
  • Block chain security
  • Solution for saleable returns
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DSCSA for Dispensers Catching Up


RXTransparent is a leading Healthcare Supply Chain Integrity platform and the only DSCSA Compliance solution focusing on the needs of providers.  RXTransparent provides insight and transparency beyond the initial healthcare facility loading dock/delivery point and out to final dispensing points.  Attendees of this 45 minute webinar will learn how RXTransparent addresses actual clinical practices e.g. Borrow and Trade, 340B, Repackaging, and manual paper pedigree tracking and learn how we have become a recommended standard for DSCSA with many of the nations most admired Healthcare Group Purchasing Organizations.

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Healthcare Supply Chain Security – Beyond DSCSA


The passage of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) has forced pharmaceutical manufacturers, drug distributors, and dispenser/providers to become cognizant of counterfeit products from an identification, and track and trace perspective.  This 45 minute webinar will be a forward looking projection of how the fundamental concepts of DSCSA will impact the broader healthcare industry from an accountability and supply chain transparency perspective.  We will review how new technology and practices related to serialized drug product and block chain will portend a new age of accountability in Healthcare Supply that will enable new insights into fraud mitigation, waste identification, and overall lower healthcare delivery costs.

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Protection Against the High Cost of Critical Drug Shortages

Critical drug shortages are a reality. It’s a problem that won’t disappear. At RXTransparent, we’re not interested in further defining the problem. What motivates us is ensuring that your organization is never a victim. In this webinar we introduced RXTransparent Shortage, a proactive way to protect your healthcare facility against the high cost critical drug shortages.

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We are in the process of partnering to be able to provide continuing education credits for our thought leadership webinar series... more to come!