The largest driver of uncontrolled medication costs is drug shortages.

A Drug Shortage Early Warning System

The Shortage module, specific to the RXTransparent platform, is capable of pinpointing alternatives to any drug product and can even identify affected products in the same therapeutic class. Additionally, if the drug shortage is caused by a manufacturing problem with an active ingredient, Shortage will predict comparable products that might also become short.

As an added service, RXTransparent clinical pharmacists will vet and refine Shortage module recommendations to ensure client confidence in ordering alternatives.

Avoiding Drug Shortage Price Increases presented by CEO Dwight deVera

During this 45 minute free webinar, Dwight presented an overview of drug shortages and its impact within healthcare. Dwight also introduced, RXTransparent’s upcoming Shortage module, the industry’s first and only early warning system for drug shortages.

On any given day, over 200 drug products are defined as short in the market.  Drug shortages are caused by a host of reasons but the practical repercussions of a drug shortage can have a material impact on Patient outcomes, as well as provider’s financial performance.

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