RXTransparent is the First and Only End-to-End DSCSA Solution in Healthcare

To ensure functionality in the most demanding and complex real-world settings, RXTransparent was built in partnership with a Fortune 500 hospital system. RXTransparent is also the only end-to-end DSCSA compliance solution that provides visibility and transparency throughout the entire healthcare supply chain, including traceability “beyond the loading dock.”

What’s actually “beyond the loading dock?”

RXTransparent is a blanket compliance solution for the healthcare industry. This means it was strategically developed to track all drug supply movements as required by the DSCSA including those beyond the delivery of prescription medication to the loading dock of a healthcare facility. This includes transfers, borrow/trade transactions, repackaging and off-label use, and first responder resupply.

Beyond the Loading Dock

These transactions are easily entered via one of six buttons on the RXTransparent app.

The Preferred Provider of Major National GPOs

As confirmed by customer feedback, ease of use and complete, automated transaction tracking make RXTransparent an effective partner for DSCSA compliance. That’s how we earned preferred provider contracts with the largest group purchasing organizations in the U.S., representing 65% of healthcare facilities in America.

Designed in alignment with robust, pharmaceutical dispensing environments, RXTransparent is the best in class compliance solution that also facilitates the following real-world scenarios.


Supply chain check-in

Inventory check-in and confirmation


Incident reporting

Broken packages, missing inventory, expired medication

340B enhanced reporting

Managed easily.