Get Real-Time Drug Pedigree Tracking

If you consider everything a DSCSA compliance platform should do, accessing a flagged pedigree quickly and providing a statement that meets the FDA reporting standard within the 48-hour timeframe is the ultimate goal.

AT RXTransparent, this is possible because the foundation on which our solution is built is what makes pedigree reporting easy. Working with a data transparency and analytical apps company like RXTransparent means we start with the most effective technology development tools available today. This gives RXTransparent benefits in operation you won’t see. But we do.

CorPharma™ – A Database of All Drug Products Ever Approved

At the core of RXTransparent is CorPharma™, an internal database of all drug products regulated by the FDA. This exclusive IP of RXTransparent is updated monthly from numerous online sources. Using CorPharma™, we ensure data accuracy by validating input and facilitating product cross references and indexes. In other words, we correct the drug name and form, automatically. By integrating information with the CorPharma™ method, we harmonize all data. NDC numbers are validated too.

With CorePharma™, you’ll never build another product profile by hand.

CorePharma™ cross references all history and new invoice data and automatically enters new products into your repository, saving your organization valuable time and money.

RXTransparent is a DSCSA solution that is cloud-based, highly secure, scalable and easy to use.


Data exists in a location in the cloud. No hardware maintenance is required and backup is automatic.

Highly secure

Data is as secure as your online banking transactions.


Appropriate for single facilities as well as large integrated health systems.

Easy to use

Developed side-by-side with actual pharmacy clinical practitioners. New user training takes about 15 minutes.

Want protection from the high costs of critical drug shortages?

The Shortage module, specific to the RXTransparent platform, is capable of pinpointing alternatives to any drug product and can even identify affected products in the same therapeutic class. Additionally, if the drug shortage is caused by a manufacturing problem with an active ingredient, Shortage will predict comparable products that might also become short. Find out more.

Do you use contract pricing?

Providing a quick and easy way to ensure contract pricing is correct is another RXTransparent differentiation. As a value-added service, drug pricing is integrated along with all required supply chain information.

At RXTransparent, our goal is to be best in class and serve the healthcare industry with the utmost in efficiency and ease of use.

Find out more about achieving full functionality with the RXTransparent Compliance module.