Getting Started with Drug Supply Chain Data Integration

Implementing RXTransparent is easy

Our seamless compliance platform can be installed and operational in a customer environment in less than 40 hours.

The onboarding process encompasses integrating all invoice and purchasing data from every vendor and supplier of prescription medication to your facility. The App is cloud based and does not require any hardware set-up, users are able to log in from any desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Complete integration is dependent on vendor/ supplier collaboration which is the one task that requires the customer to assist in compiling vendor information before the tech team can begin the project.  The implementation process can be completed in three phases, Data Integration, RXTransparent Implementation, and Go Live.

Once the RXTransparent App is live, our Quick Guide walks users through the app’s features in about fifteen minutes and our online resource portal is at your disposal 24/7.

Integration Step 1 Data Integration

Three steps to get started:

Step 1: Healthcare Facility Information

Since many healthcare organizations have contracted with RXTransparent for a number of individual facilities, it’s important that the information on the form be provided for each facility such as DEA number, address, and primary contact information.

Step 2: Vendor List

The Vendor List provides us with the information essential to jump-start the data integration process.  Vendor, Account numbers, contacts are vital data points.

Step 3: Vendor Letter

The  initial request to share data with RXTransparent needs to come form the customer to grant access to the invoice, shipping and historical data.   A sample letter is available as a template.

Once the customer sends out the vendor letters, RXTransparent can begin the implementation process:

Integration Step 2 Implementation

Vendor Integration

  • The customer service team begins the communication process with vendors to get the data feeds set-up. There can be multiple sources for one vendor to coordinate.
  • The Tech team integrates the EDI data into the Compliance Platform for each vendor.
  • The integration process length can vary depending on the number of vendors, the Implementation team works closely with the majority of vendors and will keep the customer updated on progress.

When the data repository is established for the facility  the App is ready to go live!

Integration Step 3 Go Live


  • Log-In credentials for customers set up.
  • Training session via WebEx.
  • Quick Guide for customers that is an easy reference for any questions.

Our commitment is to exceed your expectations for ease of use and efficiency.

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