Analytics Module

RXTransparent Analytics is fast, extensible and timely!
  • Data transparency based on transaction history in a virtual private database
  • Aggregates data and enables  excel based pivot tables, which allows user to analyze data and drill into transaction details
  • Allows user to create customizable reports, compatible with any dashboard interface
  • CorPharma™ is the data repository linking drug information from the FDA and the National Library of Medicine
  • For example, RXTansparent Analytics Module can facilitate the following information among other possibilities:
    • Controlled Substance Tracking
    • Backorder analysis
    • Supplier shipment analysis
    • Shortage impact analysis
    • Recall impact analysis (Coming Soon)




7/26/2017 Deep Insights Into Pharmacy Analytics Webinar

Find analytics with your data!

Join us for our next thought leadership webinar: Deep Insights Into Pharmacy Analytics.  We are able to provide the pharmacy with insight to become more efficient by utilizing DSCSA data along with other sources.   By analyzing this pharmacy data at a more granular level and focusing on saving money in the Pharmacy, our analytics module allows the Pharmacy to pinpoint areas where they can become more effective.  For example, Controlled Substance Reporting, Supplier Shipment Analysis, as well as a Shortage Impact Analysis can provide operational insight that can ultimately save time and money for the pharmacy.

National Library of Medicine Built In


FDA approved drug

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